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To Receive Public Comments on a Zoning Code Amendment to Article V, Sec. 1003 A. Allowing an Accessory Structure to Exceed the Height of Principal Dwelling When Located on at Least One Acre in the Agricultural (AG) Zoning District.


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Public Hearing - No recommended Action



The current zoning code was adopted by City Council in 2009. This action will allow an accessory structure not exceeding 25% of the lot square footage to exceed the height of the main dwelling in the (AG) zoning district.      


A public hearing was held on April 4, 2018 by the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The Commission  concurred with the recommended action and voted to approve.  This is the second of two public hearings. 



No Impact

Meeting History

May 29, 2018 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

D.S. Director Lopez advised this was a public hearing to receive comments on the proposed amendment to correct the zoning code by allowing accessory structures such as a hay barn to be built and exceed the height of a single-story dwelling, as long as it does not exceed 28-feet, stating that currently the code does not allow for structures to exceed principal dwellings. He also advised that the Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending approval of this amendment. Mr. Ben Navarro inquired what is the distance from a neighbor's property line that an accessory structure can be built. D.S. Director Lopez and GIS Mapping Coordinator Tim Hansen clarified the distance is 10-feet from the neighbor's property line, and, that this would only apply to lots being at least one (1) and up to 5-acres in size. City Manager Miller believed the distance to be 50-feet from the neighbor's property line, and, further discussion continued to clarify that 10-feet is the correct distance from the property line. There being no further comments by the public or Council, Mayor Thompson closed the public hearing at 7:42 p.m.