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Monthly Report by the Coolidge Youth Coalition.


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CYC Director Sharon Boyd and CYC Project Coordinator Mandy Alexander will give the monthly report for the Coolidge Youth Coalition.

Meeting History

Feb 26, 2018 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting

CYC Director Sharon Boyd and CYC Project Coordinator Mandy Alexander were both present to give a report on the CYC Community Forum held on February 15th, thanking everyone who attended, including all the City leaders who were present, stating CYC will play a vital role in initiating and campaigning awareness and prevention of early use of drugs and alcohol in our youth so that they can remain drug-free; their plans to campaign their "Kindness Rocks" Anti-bullying Initiative to promote anti-bullying within the schools; their plans to host promotion celebrations for graduating 8th graders from Coolidge Junior High, CAP Alternative and Imagine Prep, stating they will be reaching out to the parents and the community for support and donations; and commented on the 2nd Annual Arizona Opiate Summit they attended, stating the use of opiates is continuing to rise at a alarming rate causing many deaths; and in closing thanked everyone for their continued support of CYC, stating they are grateful for the relationship with all the community leaders.